AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-09-03Use project emailHEADmasterChris Hiszpanski
2021-05-04Set session id in sdp answerChris Hiszpanski
2021-05-04Adds ice-pwd and ice-ufrag to sdp answerChris Hiszpanski
Adds simple base64 encoder as pwd and ufrag are expected to be base64 encoded. Uses prng to generate random data. Is this secure?
2021-05-04Adds signaling to demoChris Hiszpanski
Adds simple HTTP/1.0 signaling to demo. Demo long-polls demo server ( for an offer and posts an answer. Similarily, long-polls and posts candidates.
2021-04-23Update inline license blocks and expand tabsChris Hiszpanski
2021-04-17Update READMEChris Hiszpanski
2021-04-04Initial public commit.Chris Hiszpanski
mDNS and SDP are functional. Otherwise, library is still very much a work in progress. All tests pass.